Share a sunny house with entrepreneurs, freelancers and coworkers.

The next location is Ilha de Faro, Portugal


1 room left

  • Nice house in warm & sunny location

  • Private or shared bedroom

  • Wi-Fi

  • Creative offices 
  • BBQ balcony with the view

  • Shared meals (optional)

  • Map with the coffee shops in the neighborhood with good Wi-Fi

Remember childhood when you were creating the perfect ambience to play with your toys? Each table, corner and a toy in your room had a proper role in a whole game as you were enjoying space so much.

Now we are bit older, changed toys with laptops and applications.  We started to work but still carrying this feeling of coziness and freedom from when we were children. 

Cohubiting decided to bring this time back. Throughout the year, our team is checking more than 600 houses in order to find the perfect one where a group of freelancers and digital nomads will live and work together.

Each year, we tend to escape winters and find our place under the sun with a nice balcony, a view where we set-up an office and work like crazy. And all of this while cooking Mediterranean food, drink good coffee and having a lot of fun. 


€490 – €890/month


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  • For how long can I be Cohubiting in the house? –  People will be staying for at least one month, but we are flexible and adaptable so it could also be for longer or shorter periods. Last year, everyone came to stay for a month and then decided to stay for 2 months and a half. 


  • Where are the houses located? – From 2014 till now, we were in Spanish and Portuguese coasts (including the Canary Islands). At the moment, we are checking houses in Portugal, Italy, Morrocco, South and Central America and Iberia. 


  • Do we clean and cook ourselves? – Yes. That’s part of the experience and everyone should take part in basic tasks. Don’t worry if you are not a great chef! We are bringing some fine recipes. We will divide the tasks according to our preferences (cleaning, cooking or buying groceries.)


  • When is the next one? – This winter. We are emailing invitations. Please have in mind that there are only 8 spots per month. 


  • Who comes to Cohubiting? – Anyone who is enough flexible to share a house with other people and to enjoy small things while working on own business/project. Until now, at our houses stayed entrepreneurs and lawyers from UK, programmers  from Germany, designers from Serbia and Denmark, Finish biker who was preparing her PHD , Spanish and Portuguese entrepreneurs and architects…


  • At one interview, Edo was asked: What is coworking for you? – For me coworking presents redesigned way of how we work, collaborate and interact with the colleagues and physical space.
    Coworking is often connected with the terms such as philosophy of workcommunity, and humanized space. Each one is an important element for a professional life of one coworker.
    To live well, a majority of us needs to work. The biggest part of our life we spend working. However, if we do it while coworking in a nice setting, our work gets new meaning and that’s how coworking is becoming part of our lifestyle.
    Cohubiting is coworking and coliving. And it works. 


  • How typical day at Cohubiting looks like? – We wake up around 09AM where some of us are going for a morning run or surf at the beach. Then around 09:30 we meet at a nearby coffee where Vera prepares nice espresso. Time at the bar is perfect for a small talk where we chat about the daily tasks. After coffee, we meet at the house to prepare big breakfast. Right after, our work starts. Everyone sits and picks own office (at the balcony, inside the house or at bar) and start working until the lunch. At 14h we meet to cook together, then siesta and more work until 19h when is time for a nice aperitive and dinner. After dinner, a night walk or Netflix or time for same games and wine.  


  • What else is part of the program? – Every week we organize one nice excursion (entering 20 caves by the boat etc.), or we go to visit a local carnival, and often eat or dine outside. Also, we organize at least 1 meetup per month where you get to meet a community of digital nomads from the area. Cohubiting is open for a nice and relaxed time, where we match your work with a good life. Results were amazing. Some people started their own business from scratch.  Others improved their business, just by helping each other. 


  • More questions? Write to us here. 

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